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Phekon Financial Solutions is a 100% black owned business whose focus is to provide efficient and professional service in an industry which is yet to transform in respect of the economic landscape of South Africa. Our business sets out to develop and harness the skills of qualified black financial advisors who will provide comprehensive best of breed financial products to our clients.


Client Centric Service

The individual needs and vision of the client remains our primary focus, our financial planning process ensures that all the stages and seasons of life have been considered and planned for. Once a relationship and the scope of services have been established with the client, information is gathered and further analysed leading to the presentation of the proposed Financial Plan which is executed and continuously measured.

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Effective Client Relationship Management

At Phekon Financial Solutions we understand that over and above clients seeking solutions, relationships form a key component of the sales and service processes.

Our CRM strategy ensures that we understand each individual and corporate client by ensuring that we remain abreast not only with their needs but create and recreate systems and processes that evolve with them.



Given the dynamics of the industry the comfort zone is certainly not an address at which Phekon Financial Solutions has listed their operation. Instead keeping our finger on the pulse is critical for us since we strive to remain at the fore front of industry developments and product enhancements.

The team at Phekon Financial Services are committed to continuous improvement, we appreciate that as our clients evolve and so too do their needs. By maintaining the following cycle we have thus far been able to stay on top of our game:

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