Phekon Financial Services provides comprehensive Health Care Consulting services to individuals and Employer Groups.

The Medical Aid requirements of members are addressed, a medical needs analysis enables our advisors to bring the benefit needs of the member(s) into alignment with their financial situation. Inevitably with increasing medical inflation, shortfalls in cover pose a challenge to members. The Phekon team offers Gap Cover Solutions to manage these shortfalls incurred by members.

Both medical inflation and the rise of the cost of living has made it increasingly difficult for employees below a certain salary threshold to access Private Medical Aid. Primary Health Care Solutions are offered as a feasible solution for employer groups who appreciate that they have a responsibility to provide at the very least Primary Health Care Solutions to their employees in the interest of their wellbeing notwithstanding the positive impact this has on productivity.

Phekon Financial Services knows only too well that those who run the show cannot always find time to look after their wellness needs. We understand the “stresses and pressures” that Executives face daily. The Executive Wellness Solutions we offer create a space where Executives are comfortable to evaluate their health and lifestyle. The offering focuses on prevention, noting that by promoting a pro-active approach which is aimed at identifying health risks early on to avoid poor health and illness together with the costs associated with them.

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