Our Passion - Our Service - Your Satisfaction

Phekon Financial Solutions is a dynamic Financial Services Intermediary founded in 2006 by Muziwakhe Kone and Senoelo Pheto. We are a young, independent, progressive and reliable financial advisory firm, which provides sound financial guidance that creates significant value for clients. Our team consists of exceptionally talented individuals who collectively boast over five decades of experience.

We pride ourselves on our adaptability, our work ethic and commitment to our clients, which is reflected in the knowledge mirrored in our presentations and impeccable service to our clients. Boasting almost 10 000 principal members we service, at Phekon our aim is to constantly develop well-researched solutions to assist clients in making ideal decisions about their lives, centered around wealth creation and preservation.


To be one of the leading black owned Financial Services Intermediaries within the industry that provides customised financial products and solutions which will equip individuals and businesses with the necessary tools to create; protect and grow their wealth by making sound financial decisions.


As with any organisation our talent pool is our most prized resource. The team has grown exponentially.

At the helm are the founding directors whose primary focus is strategy and the general overseeing of the business.

The structure rests on following two solid pillars:

The service team ensures that we run a well-oiled machine by implementing funds/benefits; maintaining the smooth running of these benefits while handling the overall maintenance and trouble-shooting requirements.

Our sales team is made up of a team of accredited financial advisors who complete a needs analysis process that identify our clients' needs based on their circumstances, enabling them to create, protect and grow their wealth.

We have spent many years curating a team of highly specialised individuals, which means we have a depth of talent which is exceptional and unique.