Financial Planning

By conducting financial needs analysis, we provide suitable solutions for clients and assist them in making the necessary arrangements through the different stages of their lives. These solutions include:

Retirement Planning

Independence in your old age is the goal.

Saving for retirement must be your most crucial long-term financial goal. You can count on our consultants to make this an easy and hassle-free process by assisting you to identify a few vital steps for retirement planning:
  • Determining the income you are likely to receive from your pension and other investments;
  • Estimating your living expenses based on your desired lifestyle;
  • Ensuring that your major loans are paid off by your retirement;
  • Maximise on tax savings.

Investment Management

We constantly monitor the unpredictable market to ensure that your investments are kept safe. We are well armed with a plethora of solutions to put together a unique portfolio that will accommodate your needs whilst keeping you financially secure.
We navigate the complex crevices of the market to assist you in preserving, growing and enhancing your wealth, by providing insightful value-added advice and solutions to fulfil your goals.

Estate Planning

  • Assistance in drafting your will.
  • Protecting your assets on behalf of your loved ones through Family Trusts.
  • Ensuring that the right people are given the authority to manage your affairs through Powers of Attorney.
  • Our sales team is made up of a team of accredited financial advisors who complete a needs analysis process that identify our clients' needs based on their circumstances, enabling them to create, protect and grow their wealth.